Sunday, October 7, 2007

Customize your Brain

Do you ever wondered what makes you different, is it your attitude, your surroundings,the society which you live in or is it something else. Well you might be amazed but what makes you special is your BRAIN. Yes, it is all that matters. A criminal is a criminal because of his brain, a person is a good liar and a good mathematician because of his brain. Even you fell in love with your partner because of your brain.
All your life your parents and your teachers scolded you for not working hard because you were not able to solve problems or not able to remember things as nicely as the topper of your class, well now you know what, you don't have to do the same things to your children because there's noting much they can help about it because its all in the brain. A man with more white matter in his brain is good at telling lies, if your left part of brain has less synchronization with the right part then you are very good at memorizing things, actually a person with no posterior commissure remembers everything if he sees it once , and scientists have found that criminals have smaller frontal lobe. So what does it means? you might be saying it to yourself. Well it means that in the near future you might solve mathematical problems with the same ease like your maths professor just by swallowing a pill, and you'll be able to crack exams like GRE just by going through the word list in one go because of the pill which acts as an local anesthetic for your
posterior commissure has done the trick for you.It doesn't ends here, in the near future we might see criminals being recognized just by doing a brain scan.

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saras said...

Brain controls and co-ordinates human body.Have u referred rebecca goldstein's men and body problem.In the movie "a beautiful mind" when the prof John Nash was told to take medication he refused saying he was a mathematician and his job was to solve problem...even though his mind was the first place where the problem lied.
Where did he get the strength from..which brain did he apply on his own brain...???