Sunday, January 11, 2015


tere har gam har darr ko apna bana lenge,
teri baahon me ghar apna hum bana lenge

musafir hai tu;chali chal cheer dariya ko,
teri raahon ko manzil apni hum bana lenge.

saja denge tere har khwaab ki daali,
tere kadmo me gulshan jahan ke hum bicha denge

tere har gam har darr ko apna bana lenge,
teri baahon ko ghar apna hum bana lenge.

aqeedat hai teri har umang pe mujhko,
taaron se bhi unchi udane bakshe khuda tujhko

teri shohrat jab choone lagegi aasman
ibadat me sar apna hum jhuka denge

tere har gam har darr ko apna bana lenge,
teri baahon ko ghar apna hum bana lenge.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Walking cliches

 All of us have become walking clich├ęs. Our lives are predictable, obvious, banal ! We are living cause we don't have any choice. U cannot choose to die, for its an action you abhor.And why you hate it cause the society you live in hates it. you have never seen a person respected for he committed a suicide (we assume he was not a suicide bomber). And reflecting upon this choice we reflect deeply upon the the way you see yourself. You see yourself as an object living in this society, constantly judged by others, every one of your action is derived, is a product of the surroundings. The peer pressure trying to bind you to normality, you are so much influenced by it that you are embarrassed to discuss what you feel actually. Always making compromises so as to retain, not what is dear to you but what may be easy for you. You have chosen a struggle free life and while you are running away from struggle you are engulfing yourself into boredom. Boredom is dangerous, cause when you are bored you make choices that are dangerous to you. you try to find the shortest possible way out of it and while doing so you often make decisions that are again influenced by the your very local social circle. You look for an escape route and in the process of doing so you borrow ambitions, you copy them, you make the desires of others as one of your own.

Good movie?

A good movie is one that grows in your subconscious. Once you have seen it , you feel like watching it one more time and every time you watch it your love for that movie becomes even greater. you start appreciating every aspect of it. you fall in love with its characters or at least start respecting them. you have the urge to know every detail of that movie as to who wrote the dialogues, who was the director, who was music director and eventually you become a devout fan of that movie.

I have heard people saying it many times that the movie was pathetic still it was a hit. But according to me
every hit movie is a good movie, because there are people who liked it and that's why the movie did well at the box office. You might have not liked the movie or the critics might have given it a thumbs-down but that doesn't makes a movie bad,remember movie is not an art of  the intellectuals for the intellectuals who understand the technicalities of cinema. every movie has a target audience and if it is successful in amusing its audience; it has done its job.
I can see some frowning faces over this argument of mine, but u see although we are talking about movies here, there is no relation between movie making and it being good or bad. It all breaks down to our perceptive of good and bad and that is a fact .

Guilt and Indifference

Optimists are the biggest Hypocrites. Dressed nicely, they are always selling the dreams of a bright future. Neglecting all the suffering in the world, always ready with a hypothetical solution to all the misery.  Preaching the age old "believe in yourself and your goals" shit. Pacifying their inner guilt and suffering because of impuissance  to the evident meaninglessness of their existence. "Follow your dreams", "have positive attitude", " Be passionate"...look around you, the people who run this world - politicians,  arm dealers, bankers, dictators are all the most successful people in the world. They fu***ng rule this place. They are more driven and they were not born evil. Its just that they are so blinded by their believes that they overlook the atrocities inflicted to others in the process as collateral damage. They always think they are working for a greater good. be it dictators, industrialists, revolutionaries or missionaries.

I am programmed to survive in the best way I can and reproduce while doing so. But you know what, I am pretty pissed off with whoever wrote that code. Listen Mr. programmer this program has developed a mind of his own, it wont thrive to survive, but to kill. Is anybody checking the logs up there? if not, you are in big trouble because All your creation is going to end , this virus will bring down the whole application.

Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom,but...

The role of media is central to the democratic process. For most of us media is the primary source of information. They tell us what matters, They tell us who matters. The way we vote is based largely on the information provided by media.So the quality of democracy depends on the quality of information provided.
Big question thus is "what kind of information do we get?". Does it come from a diverse range of perspectives or some views are dominant and some views are excluded.
If the media is catering to our entertainment needs then we can deduce that it is incresingly market driven. So we are not seen as citizens that ought be informed but consumers that must be attracted.The mainstream media represents and serves elite interest in a way that it can be described as carrying out a propaganda function.
Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. But the lack of relevant information that helps us to make informed decision will turn us into passive obedient zombies. Wisdom cannot be inherited, it has to be cultured and information is the necessary fertilizer. This generation doesn't wants precooked opinions fed to them wrapped in a "look we have done the hard work for you" gift paper . We want information-lots of it, and We will do the hard work of making sense out of it ourselves.

kitne pal, kitne makaam kho diye
zindagi teri jaddo jehat main
humne saare araam kho diye
teri jaddo jehat main
kehte hain ki zindagi sangharsh ka naam hai
par kya sangharsh pe nahi koi viram hai.

kab tak apne aap se joojhta rahun
kab tak pagal vetal sa ghoomta rahun
kya mere naseeb main nahi do pal ka chain hai
ye mann mera apni karke bhi kyun bechain hai

kuch hai jo chubta hai,
kyun ye tan har roz uthta hai
rukta hai us pal jab woh akaash ko rukh karta hai
taaron ki roshni se mano ek darr mann main utarta hai

darr kehta hai , kyun jeeta hai !
kya soch ke har haasil ka peecha karta hai
behtar kal ki chah main tu har lamha pista hai
arrey astitva kya hai tera is brahmaand ke aage
mahakayae taare nasht ho gaye, anantkal main kho gaye
tu to ek dhool kan pe keedon sa rengta hai
arrey pagle kya soch ke jeeta hai.

uttaron ka aabhaav hai,prashno ka bhandaar hai
par kya mere naseeb main uttaron ka upachar hai
is anant vistaar main adhiktar rikt sthan hai
aur mere jeevan prash ka keval shoonya hi samadhan hai

Friday, June 20, 2014

thoda sa aasma, thodi si zameen;
har nazar main dhoond-tain hain khud ko kahin