Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guilt and Indifference

Optimists are the biggest Hypocrites. Dressed nicely, they are always selling the dreams of a bright future. Neglecting all the suffering in the world, always ready with a hypothetical solution to all the misery.  Preaching the age old "believe in yourself and your goals" shit. Pacifying their inner guilt and suffering because of impuissance  to the evident meaninglessness of their existence. "Follow your dreams", "have positive attitude", " Be passionate"...look around you, the people who run this world - politicians,  arm dealers, bankers, dictators are all the most successful people in the world. They fu***ng rule this place. They are more driven and they were not born evil. Its just that they are so blinded by their believes that they overlook the atrocities inflicted to others in the process as collateral damage. They always think they are working for a greater good. be it dictators, industrialists, revolutionaries or missionaries.

I am programmed to survive in the best way I can and reproduce while doing so. But you know what, I am pretty pissed off with whoever wrote that code. Listen Mr. programmer this program has developed a mind of his own, it wont thrive to survive, but to kill. Is anybody checking the logs up there? if not, you are in big trouble because All your creation is going to end , this virus will bring down the whole application.

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