Thursday, October 23, 2014

Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom,but...

The role of media is central to the democratic process. For most of us media is the primary source of information. They tell us what matters, They tell us who matters. The way we vote is based largely on the information provided by media.So the quality of democracy depends on the quality of information provided.
Big question thus is "what kind of information do we get?". Does it come from a diverse range of perspectives or some views are dominant and some views are excluded.
If the media is catering to our entertainment needs then we can deduce that it is incresingly market driven. So we are not seen as citizens that ought be informed but consumers that must be attracted.The mainstream media represents and serves elite interest in a way that it can be described as carrying out a propaganda function.
Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. But the lack of relevant information that helps us to make informed decision will turn us into passive obedient zombies. Wisdom cannot be inherited, it has to be cultured and information is the necessary fertilizer. This generation doesn't wants precooked opinions fed to them wrapped in a "look we have done the hard work for you" gift paper . We want information-lots of it, and We will do the hard work of making sense out of it ourselves.

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