Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good movie?

A good movie is one that grows in your subconscious. Once you have seen it , you feel like watching it one more time and every time you watch it your love for that movie becomes even greater. you start appreciating every aspect of it. you fall in love with its characters or at least start respecting them. you have the urge to know every detail of that movie as to who wrote the dialogues, who was the director, who was music director and eventually you become a devout fan of that movie.

I have heard people saying it many times that the movie was pathetic still it was a hit. But according to me
every hit movie is a good movie, because there are people who liked it and that's why the movie did well at the box office. You might have not liked the movie or the critics might have given it a thumbs-down but that doesn't makes a movie bad,remember movie is not an art of  the intellectuals for the intellectuals who understand the technicalities of cinema. every movie has a target audience and if it is successful in amusing its audience; it has done its job.
I can see some frowning faces over this argument of mine, but u see although we are talking about movies here, there is no relation between movie making and it being good or bad. It all breaks down to our perceptive of good and bad and that is a fact .

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