Thursday, October 23, 2014

Walking cliches

 All of us have become walking clichés. Our lives are predictable, obvious, banal ! We are living cause we don't have any choice. U cannot choose to die, for its an action you abhor.And why you hate it cause the society you live in hates it. you have never seen a person respected for he committed a suicide (we assume he was not a suicide bomber). And reflecting upon this choice we reflect deeply upon the the way you see yourself. You see yourself as an object living in this society, constantly judged by others, every one of your action is derived, is a product of the surroundings. The peer pressure trying to bind you to normality, you are so much influenced by it that you are embarrassed to discuss what you feel actually. Always making compromises so as to retain, not what is dear to you but what may be easy for you. You have chosen a struggle free life and while you are running away from struggle you are engulfing yourself into boredom. Boredom is dangerous, cause when you are bored you make choices that are dangerous to you. you try to find the shortest possible way out of it and while doing so you often make decisions that are again influenced by the your very local social circle. You look for an escape route and in the process of doing so you borrow ambitions, you copy them, you make the desires of others as one of your own.

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