Monday, November 5, 2007

Digging deeper

In the great literature of all progressive societies, love is a verb. Weak people make it a feeling. They are driven by feelings. Movies (esp. Bollywood) has generally scripted us to believe that we are not responsible, that we are product of our feelings. But the bollywood script does not describe the reality. If our feelings control our actions, it is because we have abdicated our responsibility and empowered them to do so.
Evolved humans on the other side make love a verb. Their thinking is no longer a precipitate of the solution i.e. Society they are living in. After achieving a level of understanding they then define things their way, they question every customized definition that has been served to them in a platter. They dont react to their surroundings but are smart enough to analyze every aspect of it. Their visions are not mere reflections of their conditioning but are original projections taking birth from their creative minds.

IN words of Henry David Thoreau:
"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavour."


saras said...

It means that strongest men in the world ...Do not have feelings of love.Love is a verb and a feeling which empowers you.It brings the drive in you.
When you feel weak ...u look for love .And when you get it ..u become strong.
Dont say weak people look for love.

JHA_RAVI said...

First understand what is love..a man/woman falls in love with everything which comforts him or makes him happy.Love is always around a man/woman and he just has to look for it.
Why in his teens a boy looks for love from a girl, he can always walk upto his parents and get it right! But, its the hormones that are playing the spoil inside my dear friend, its in the nature of every living species to find a partner to reproduce, to raise its offsprings. you have a strong affinity(which you call love) with your parents and siblings because they are your genes, your Blood. And this fact is evident in every animal, then whats so special about it when u find it in humans. Just because u have the art of poetry and u can express this in beautiful words, ohhh C'Mon..

When I see a couple risking their life for the sake of love(in case of intercaste/inter religion marriages)I feel depressed, becuse people might say -"ki pyaar ki jeet hui"... par bandhu ye yaad rakhna ki aise main buddhimata, vivek aur sahajvriti ki hamesha haar hi hoti hai, kyunki if they die they didn't die because someone killed them, they died because they were suffering from a disease called the "Obsesion of love" which works against the nature and instead protecting ones life they end up sacrificing it, which is same as suicide and thats what I call Unnatural.

And one more thing When u r distressed u want support, u want inspiration and encouragement and that makes u stronger.And see the wisdom of man in naming things , when he gets it from an elder he calls it"prerna/inspiration", when he gets it from a friend he calls it "friendship" and when he gets it from a girl he calls it "Love".

There are so many expressions that u at time just ignore and give it a simple name love.
Love is just a bird's eye view of all the comforting emotions and expressions that u experience my dear friend.
its good sometimes to see things in a bigger picture but at times it can prove very costly when u ignore the details.

And my final words..
Evolve..dont just react, instead revisit your inner self and craft a new "You". Dont be Obvious, differ from the usual ,challange every thinking and be a part of a new era, which the coming generations will remember as Renaissance of modern times when humankind once again took a giant leap towards the future and raised his intellect as a society as a species to another level.

saras said...

Love is a big thing it is not only confined to sexual attraction and an idea of fluid exchange between two opposite sexes.
If you were talking abt that love ..thats a need. sexual love is A small barrier for human beings which makes us social and responsible as the two sexes extablish the continuity of life.

sangit said...

hehehe jha boss i can now c dat u R actually surrounded by ugly gals n balding uncles in ur office....i empathize...

saras said...

No Sympathy...You mean empathy.
Good choice Sangit!