Monday, December 1, 2008

Indian electronic Media-The Clown

Indian Media---Now whatever you say about them is less. They are not far behind from our politicians in making fun of our democracy and intellect in front of the whole world. : Actually they are quite similar in many aspects.

1.Both of them are opportunistic.
2.Both don't do what they are supposed to do.
3. Both of them are motley fools.

One can easily make out from the channel reviews and comments, to which political party they are biased. Channels like "Headlines Today" are not in that league also, they are even more pathetic. while the hostage drama was going on they were going to celebrities and capturing their reactions. Dude, who the hell cares about what film stars think about the whole incident.
I don't know how much congress paid all these Hindi news channels to cover the sadhvi case...For last two weeks before the the mumbai attacks they had nothing to discuss other than malegaon blasts.What about the other 12 blasts in 2008 that killed 484 people, is anybody looking into that? why the ATS is not being told to investigate those cases, and if they are investigating is there any lead on that? And if there is any lead why they are not being revealed , why is everything going undercover? Who are the people involved , what are the institutions that are encouraging such actions of terror?

These news channels say raj thakrey is doing regional politics by playing the marathi manus card, but what they are doing?? Did they cover the Guwahati blasts properly? There were 12 serial blasts across Assam, more than hundred people lost their life , but nobody gave a damn. It was in the news for one day max. and the next day that dope Rahul mahajan was making the news for being in the danger zone of Big Boss!! News channels must be very happy that this incident happened, 'cause now they have something to show for next 2-3 weeks, where their cheap animators and detective editors like prabhu chawla will go far beyond reality to reveal secrets that even the Indian Intelligence Agencies have no clue about.

One more thing i'll like to share is the incident that really got me annoyed. I was watching BBC and they had Indian National Security ad visor on the phone line.
Now see how much fire indian news channels have given to this news of sadhvi pragya! That BBC journo asks-" There have been terrorist attacks on India by both Islamic and Hindu militants , what do you think who is behind these attacks this time?"
Now hail our great NSA who after 24 hrs of the first firing incident, that took place at leopald cafe says -" Its TOO early to say that". Dude, I don't understand what these guys are still trying to achieve by not taking a strong stand against terrorism.

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saras said...

This is what ,I appreciate you for!!
Your foresight is very correct.