Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love my job..

you know what !!! I love my job, I just love my job.
But before YOU start loving your job, what you have to do?
Ok..I'll list down few things...
1. Learn all the ways...sorry, Correct ways of doing things...Notice ..emphasis is on the word LEARN.
2. Dont try to apply your brain, even if the current approach is vacuous.
3. Dont piss off the client or your supervisor, even if their thinking is prehistoric.
4. Do your work faithfully and religiously, as if you are going to die starving if you dont do it.

And here you have our great great corporate professional.

Kinds of recognition and appraisals you might get once you get perfect in this art..
1. Ohh..grt . You have done a grt job, the module was designed according to the standards, there was nothing out of the context and everything was inline with the industry standards.You are being awarded the strategic Context award. In short..Thank You for not applying your brain!
2. This guy has set up a great example for others by not taking any leaves and working 24*7 for the completion of this project. He is being awarded with Client Focussed Delivery award . In short..Thank You for screwing up your life for this project which sends 100s of promotional spam mails to the user every time he clicks on a product.
3. Relationship award: You were loyal as a dog and never uttered a word which was offending either to client or the seniors.
4. Innovation Award :This guy was foolish enough to donate his hard done work to the company, for which we are going to give him a promotion and a hike of 20% and make millions out of it. HAHA.
and thats not all ..and the end of these u'll also get a BIG roung of applause. Now, thats definitely encouraging !!
As I said..I love my Job!

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