Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evolution of Intolerance

I think religion evolved as a phenomenon of internal conflict within our species where clans, tribes and societies fight with each other to increase their genetic footprint on the basis of ideologies. As we can observe that conflicts between individuals, are mainly to get control of more resources and increase their genetic footprint, we(humans) did so by waging wars on the basis of ideologies, because we learned to Reason. People felt this urge to do things that otherwise they would not like to do within their own clan or tribes like raping the women, killing the young ones and enslaving the men. This cognitive dissonance led to the invention of god, where in the individual justifies its acts of spreading its genes as rightful and done under the divine supervision and influence of god which otherwise is immoral if practiced within the local gene pool. Moreover, As human mind evolved it became more and more empathetic and platonic. In every society almost simultaneously there was an advent of moral values which ranked materialistic desires as depraved. So, humans needed reasons that went beyond materialistic or sexual desires to run into conflicts. And conflicts on ideologies is not only limited to beliefs about god, but also on ideologies like economy (capitalism & communism) , race and culture. conflicts are very important part of our life system, since they serve as a mechanism to control population and increase competition. In absence of conflicts we could never have reached this age of technology and science.I think you will agree that most of the technologies that make our day to day life more convenient and safe were once funded by military, right from internet to the nuclear energy lighting our streets.

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